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About Us

Medical Research Institute: A Trusted Brand for More Than 20 Years

We Are MRI®

We are Medical Research Institute.

We have a team of experts whose sole purpose is to research sports nutrition.

They study ingredients, they scour scientific evidence, they find new studies and select premium, high quality compounds that actually work to help you build the body you want.

At Medical Research Institute, our team of pros take time to vet and identify the highest quality and most effective compounds to create a line of products that meet our brand’s high standards so we can meet yours.

MRI®: We Are One of the Longest-Standing Brands in the Market

From hardcore bodybuilders to household names, everyone knows MRI®.

We are the brand you’ve known for more than 20 years.

We were part of the big bodybuilding boom in the 90s.

  • We built bodies.

  • We built reputations.

  • We built success.

We were there for every lift, every rep and every win.

Just like all great athletes, we admit we can always do better.

We can always do more.

We strive for perfection.

This year-- we raised the bar.

We stepped back and took a hard look at what we could do better and we did it.

We researched, reformulated and rebranded.

And now we’re back and better than ever.

Back in Black®

Our formulas are stronger.

Our scoops are bigger.

Our reputation is even better.

They don’t build things like they used to—and we’re here to change that.

Old school bodybuilding was about hitting the iron.

It was about hardcore lifting.

It was about setting goals and killing them.

We got jacked from a bench and a bar, pure nutrition and smart supplements.

×   No nonsense.

×   No cheating.

×   No excuses.

We worked for it.

We earned it.

They don’t build them like they used to. So we will.

We’re throwing back to the good’ ol no-bull, bodybuilding days.

We’re back, baby.

Back in Black®.