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Why MRI?


Our premium ingredients are supported by scientific studies. Every product is lab tested to ensure every ingredient is effective, high quality and promotes results.


Our carefully concentrated formula gives you twice the scoop compared to competitors, resulting in a more affordable supplement.


We have been trusted by professional bodybuilders and athletes in the industry for more than 20 years.

What Our Customers are Saying

Back In Black®

From hardcore bodybuilders to household names, everyone knows MRI. We are the brand you’ve known for more than 20 years. We were part of the big bodybuilding boom in the 90s. We were there for every lift, every rep and every win. We always strive to be better, so this year we raised the bar. We stepped back and took a hard look at what we could do better and we did it. We researched, reformulated and rebranded and now we’re back and better than ever.

Our formulas are stronger, our scoops are bigger and our reputation is even better. They don’t build things like they used to—and we’re here to change that. Old school bodybuilding was about hitting the iron, hardcore lifting and setting goals. We got jacked from a bench and a bar, pure nutrition and smart supplements. No nonsense, no cheating and no excuses. We worked for it and we earned it. We’re throwing back to the good ol' no-bull, bodybuilding days and we brought our old school, no nonsense formulas with us. We’re back, baby. Back in Black.

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